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Alien Invasion Mobile

New version 3.0.62

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Provider: AlieDev

Downloads: 700k+     Update: June 5, 2024.

4.9 483,502

About the app:

a worthless yet entertaining game in which you kill time and take out any aggression, anger, or frustration you have on virtual human people in order to feel better about yourself. The concept of an alien invasion is unique and intriguing at the same time; its goal is to eradicate humanity completely. In this section, you will play the role of a supervillain who is an alien. It is expected of you to use your powers, skills, and other factors to wipe out humans and every other creature in order to demonstrate good performance and advance through the levels. You have the ability, through the use of the alien invasion mod apk, to play the role of an alien that has travelled to earth for unknown reasons and appears to be intent on exacting vengeance on humans. You will have access to an abundance of riches, power, talents, and will have greater physical prowess than the people in the game. The fundamental ideas behind the gameplay revolve around two things: living your life the right way and carrying out your mission, which is to kill humanity.

Alien Invasion++ features:

Access to unlimited money and god mode for free.

No need to pay for Premium features.

Ads free.

All features unlocked.

Alien Invasion mobile for Android and IOS:

Alien Invasion++ is the mod version of the same application. This mod version works the same on this application. The plus point of downloading this application is that you will not have to purchase the application in order to remove the restriction. Because in this application you will get unlimited money. There is no restriction on anything. The unwanted ads of the application are also blocked in this version.